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HMS Law Group LLP knows the value of legal services. Our attorneys are experienced as prior company founders, entrepreneurs, private equity investors, and focused legal counselors. They understand the legal issues and challenges that may arise in the lifetime of a company or an individual, and understand what qualities you are looking for in an attorney.

Fundamentals of Pricing Construction Contracts

A key component of survival and profitability in the construction industry is managing project risk. Risk management, broadly speaking, touches all areas of a business and includes activities from supervision on the job site to structuring and negotiating contracts. A well-drafted construction contract lays the foundation for a successful working relationship and a profitable job. A good contract will clarify …

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The Benefits of Securing Early Legal Review of Construction Contracts

A construction contractor is naturally familiar with tools and methods of construction. When evaluating a potential job, it follows that a contractor tends to focus on what is going to be built, how long the job will take, and how much the job pays. These basic terms, if satisfactory, might seem sufficient to accept the job at hand and begin …

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The Fiduciary Role of a Member of a Board of Directors

After the announcement of unprecedented enforcement action by the Federal Trade Commission¬†and all 50 states targeting four non-profit organizations, leaders of non profits have come to realize that they are operating in an environment of increased scrutiny from authorities. While it has always been prudent to contemplate the balance of risks and benefits to serving on the Board of Directors …

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