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The Importance of the Attorney/Accountant Relationship for Business Owners

Companies are more likely to succeed when their attorneys and accountants work in tandem.  Professional services are more effective and efficient, and financial and legal interests are best protected. Enhanced Professional Services Attorneys and accountants have several characteristics in common.  Both are professionals.  Both engage in a course of education to learn how to provide services in their respective areas …

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Five Provisions that Should be Included in Every Business Contract

It would certainly be easier if the world operated on a handshake and a promise, but as we all know, people sometimes change their minds, and you never know what might happen over time. For those reasons and more, the business world is deeply reliant on the written legal contract. Discussing matters verbally is usually imperative beforehand, but if you …

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The Importance Of Corporate Maintenance

When operating a business, owners and investors often choose to form a corporation due to the liability protection and tax planning opportunities available after incorporation.  While incorporation is a very important step in that process, there are many requirements after the initial filing, adoption of bylaws and other steps in forming a corporation that are required to maintain the separate …

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